Self-Employment and Mortgages

How to get one and why working with a broker is better

Your boss is incredible: they're hard working, encouraging, inspiring and understanding. They're you! But while there are many benefits to being self-employed, obtaining a mortgage when you own your own business can make it more difficult for lenders to assess your income – and therefore more challenging. Working with a licensed mortgage professional is your best option for realizing your home-owning dreams.

Traditionally, there are two ways to acquire a mortgage: through a bank or through a mortgage broker. While banks only offer products unique to their own institutions, mortgage brokers have access to hundreds of mortgage options from a variety of lenders – financial institutions, credit unions and trust companies – resulting in more choice and greater success in obtaining a mortgage. As mortgage professionals work directly for you, not a bank, they always have your best interest in mind – and not just with respect to rates!

As a business owner, your bottom line is a top priority. From your initial consultation all the way through to signing your mortgage document, working with a licensed broker is free; fees are only applied to the most difficult credit solutions. In situations such as these, a mortgage professional’s expertise is truly invaluable. You can be rest assured you are getting the best mortgage for your individual needs.

You’ve built your business from the ground up, and you’ve invested a lot more than just money to make it successful. Whether you’re purchasing your first home, taking equity out of your current home for personal or professional reasons, or renewing an existing mortgage, contact us today and afford us the opportunity to give you the information and unbiased advice you need to make an informed decision.

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